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Bank of Greece Sets Out Policy on Handling Troubled Retail Loans
The Bank of Greece proposed a slate of measures to help banks offer relief to troubled household and small-business borrowers, according to guidelines published in the official government gazette. The proposals, which aren’t binding, are designed to help banks deal with their backlog of non-performing loans.
Profit recovery picks up at Spain’s Sabadell, Bankinter
MADRID (Reuters) – Mid-sized Spanish lenders Banco Sabadell and Bankinter showed net income from lending rising at a higher-than-expected rate in the second quarter, as a sustained turnaround in the country’s banking sector started to take shape. Spanish banks were crippled by a property market slump and a six-year economic downturn, hitting earnings through hefty writedowns and a drop-off in lending. Many are still setting aside funds as a precaution against soured loans – with Sabadell’s provisions to cover troubled assets rising 32 percent in the first half of 2014 compared with a year ago – and are also bumping up their capital levels ahead of Europe-wide health checks this year. But income earned from loans, net of funding costs, has begun to improve since the end of 2013, as payouts on deposits come down, helping banks’ margins. Sabadell and Bankinter reported further gains in this area in the second quarter, setting the tone for the rest of the sector ahead of earnings next week from larger rivals Santander and BBVA. Sabadell, Spain’s fifth-biggest bank by stock market value, said on Thursday net interest income (NII) reached 546 million euros (430 million pound) in April to June, up 32 percent from a year ago and higher than in the first three months of the year. Analysts polled by Reuters had forecast NII of 541 million euros. At smaller Bankinter, NII also grew 18 percent from a year ago, to 185 million euros. The two banks also said profits had improved in the second quarter, with Sabadell’s rising 20 percent to 87 million euros and Bankinter’s up 43 percent at 74 million euros. Their bad loans as a percentage of total credit – a closely-watched measure of how defaults were hurting banks during the worst of the crisis – fell at the end of June compared with end-March. Sabadell’s ratio stood at 13.35 percent, just below a sector average, while Bankinter, which was not as exposed as peers to the ailing real estate sector, has a much lower level.
Spain’s Notes on Seven-Day Winning Run as ECB Insulates Markets
Spanish and Italian five-year notes climbed a seventh day, pushing down yields to records, as investors bet European Central Bank stimulus will arm the region’s debt against a crisis in Portugal’s banking industry. The rates on the nations’ two-year securities also fell to all-time lows, while those on Portuguese notes due in February 2016 slid for a fourth day.
European bank stocks diverge from credit
LONDON, July 17 (IFR) - The divergence between European equity and bank debt is expected to broaden further in the coming months as fundamental changes in banking regulations continue to impact the industry, giving credit investors a lucrative relative value play. The iTraxx Senior Financials index - the credit default swap benchmark for senior European bank debt - is currently outperforming the equivalent basket of underlying equities by a "significant" 42bp, credit strategists at Barclays said in a recent report.
Portugal Raises 1.25 Billion Euros in Treasury Bill Auction
Portugal’s borrowing costs increased as the government sold 850 million euros ($1.15 billion) of 12-month bills. The securities due in July 2015 were issued at an average yield of 0.453 percent, the country’s debt agency said.
Fund Managers Don’t See Return of the Euro Crisis
Large money managers don’t expect the worries over one of Portugal’s largest lenders to have a lasting impact on global financial markets depite a rout in Europe’s markets Thursday. “This particular incident seems fairly isolated to the Portuguese bank as opposed to a return to the euro zone crisis of a few years ago,” said Eric Stein, global fixed income portfolio manager at Eaton Vance EV +0.27% which has about $286 billion assets under management. Mr.
Mario Draghi diz que ameaças à estabilidade de preços na zona euro...
O presidente do Banco Central Europeu considerou hoje que as ameaças à estabilidade de preços na zona euro são reais, garantindo que a entidade está determinada em manter a actual política monetária durante um período alargado. Entre as ameaças enumeradas por Draghi, numa palestra em Londres, estão os preços da energia e da alimentação, o ajustamento de preços nos países em dificuldades, o comportamento das taxas de câmbio, a fraca procura e o elevado desemprego. "Estas ameaças são reais e para lidar com elas o Conselho de Governadores [do BCE] está determinado em manter a sua política monetária acomodatícia durante um período de tempo prolongado", afirmou Draghi, citado pela agência de informação financeira Bloomberg. O presidente do BCE reforçou que o Conselho de Governadores "é unânime no seu compromisso de usar instrumentos não convencionais, dentro do seu mandato, caso tal seja necessário para atacar os riscos de um período demasiado prolongado de baixa inflação". As declarações de Draghi decorrem da sua participação numa iniciativa organizada pela IFRS Foundation, na capital inglesa. In: Diário Económico
Italy's banks ready to sell up to 16 bln euros in bad loans by 2016
(Reuters) - Italian banks are preparing to sell between 10 billion euros and 16 billion euros of bad loans over the next two years to free up capital to support new lending to companies and households and to improve profits, a survey by Deloitte showed. This would represent up to 10 percent of a record 166 billion euros ($226.43 billion) of sour loans on the banks' books built up as a result of Italy's two-year recession, its worst in 70 years. The bad debt sales would mark a step in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go.
World’s ATM Moves to Frankfurt as Yellen’s Fed Slows Cash
As Janet Yellen winds down the Federal Reserve’s money-printing operation, Mario Draghi is boosting Europe’s cash supply. That means the dollars Yellen’s Fed is removing could be compensated for by cheap euros from the European Central Bank.
Sentix: Dívida portuguesa ainda estará barata
"Qual é o novo 'spread' sustentável entre a periferia e o centro do euro?".
EU Backs State Aid for Bulgarian Banks as Lender Targeted
The European Union gave Bulgaria authority to provide 3.3 billion lev ($2.3 billion) in state aid for lenders after police there arrested men they said triggered a run on deposits of the third-largest bank. The central bank overcame a run on deposits caused by an “organized criminal attack” against several banks, it said in a statement today.
Portugal poupou 1.270 milhões de euros em 2013 ao financiar-se através dos fundos euro
Comparando com o que Portugal teria pago para se financiar no mercado, em 2013, a poupança foi superior a mil milhões de euros com recurso aos fundos de resgate da Zona Euro, que emprestaram dinheiro ao País no âmbito do programa de assistência financeira. Se, no ano passado, Portugal não estivesse sob intervenção externa e a recorrer aos fundos de resgate da Zona Euro (FEEF e MEE) para se financiar, teria gasto mais 1.270 milhões de euros para cobrir as suas necessidades de financiamento no mercado.
Spanish Yields Widen to Most in 2 Weeks Versus Bunds Before Fed
Spain’s 10-year bonds fell, widening the yield difference with benchmark German bunds to the most in almost two weeks, after a sale of three- and five-year debt and as investors awaited the Federal Reserve’s policy decision. Italian securities declined for a third day amid signs this year’s rally in higher-yielding euro-area bonds is losing momentum.
Empréstimos da banca a famílias voltam a perder peso face a crédito a empresas
Em Abril, foi concedido mais crédito a particulares. Chegou, até, o valor mais elevado do ano.
Dívida portuguesa é a favorita do Goldman Sachs após medidas do BCE
O pacote de medidas apresentado pelo BCE convenceu o Goldman.
BCE anuncia vários empréstimos de longo prazo aos bancos e compra de activos
Mario Draghi anunciou um pacote de medidas de combate ao risco da inflação baixa na região.
JPMorgan Sees Record $100 Billion in Loan Funds
The business of bundling junk-rated corporate loans into top-rated securities is booming like never before after the implementation of regulation aimed at making the financial system safer. More than $46 billion of collateralized loan obligations have been raised this year in the U.S.
Portuguese bond yields rise after top court rejects budget cuts
LONDON, June 2 (Reuters) - Portugal's bond yields rose on Monday after its supreme court rejected several austerity measures in the government's 2014 budget.
Visco Says ECB to Act If Low Inflation Projections Confirmed
European Central Bank Governing Council member Ignazio Visco said policy makers are determined to act if inflation is forecast to remain below the central bank’s target of just under 2 percent over the next two years.
Legislação melhorou taxa de sucesso nos processos de mediação
A taxa de sucesso dos processos abertos, no ano passado, pelo mediador do crédito ascendeu a 77%, o que representa uma melhoria face à taxa de sucesso média da ordem dos 60% desde que esta figura jurídica foi criada em 2009.Maria Clara Machado, mediadora do crédito, considera que a taxa de sucesso alcançada em 2013 "dificilmente será repetível" e decorre do facto de a "generalidade das instituições financeiras terem ajustado os seus procedimentos de recuperação de crédito eventualmente devido às alterações legislativas" introduzidas.
Governo soma 646 milhões aos actuais cortes salariais no Estado
A proposta de Orçamento do Estado reforça os cortes salariais de todos os trabalhadores. Da nova medida depende uma poupança significativa
Orçamento do Estado para 2014
Governo corta 12% nos salários do Estado acima de 2.000 €. Governo avança com reduções salariais entre 2,5% e 12% em 2014.
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    Servdebt atinge 3,5 mil milhões de carteira de crédito sob gestão
    A empresa ganhou no final do semestre a gestão de 800 milhões de bancos nacionais e estrangeiros. A Servdebt ganhou a gestão de 800 milhões de euros de carteiras de crédito em incumprimento no final do primeiro semestre deste ano, tendo subido para 3,5 mil milhões de euros o montante de activos geridos pela empresa.
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