About Us


The Servdebt Compliance Department supervises all of the Company’s activities to guarantee that they are carried out in accordance with the code of ethics of the largest and most prestigious financial institutions.

The tasks of the Compliance Department involve the creation and management of effective control systems to ensure that the Organisation does not engage in any type of criminal activity. This Department must do its work in an objective manner and take into account the complexity of the business at hand.

The Compliance Department perform his tasks independently from other Departments so that its activity can be carried out with the utmost rigour and impartiality. Servdebt’s regulatory criteria include anti-money laundering policies, respect for the customer and conflicts of interest.

General Operating Principles

Anti-Money Laundering

Servdebt supports a transparency policy and anti-corruption, seeking exercise it daily to avoid actions such as money laundering or other activities associated with the misuse of assets, such as financial terrorism.


Servdebt conducts its business with precision, honesty, dedication, diligence and a sense of ethics.

Management and control

A company like Servdebt needs to organise and control its business in a reasonable, responsible and effective manner, using adequate risk management and control systems.

Financial Prudence

Servdebt works to manage the financial resources appropriate for its business, respecting the independence and liquidity necessary for this to be carried out.

Market Authority

To enhance the work of our company, it is crucial to observe and assess the behaviour of the markets where we operate, so that all decisions are made conscientiously and in accordance with the standards required by the situation.

Respect for the Customer

Servdebt must show respect for its Customers, through clear, fair and transparent communication, and must also ensure that the advice provided is in their best interests.

Conflict of Interest

Servdebt is committed to managing possible conflicts of interest in a fair and transparent manner, whether between the company and a customer or between two or more customers.

Trust-Based Relationships

The trust of our customers in the services provided by Servdebt is extremely important for maintaining and strengthening our company’s performance. As such, special attention is given to relationships with customers, so that we can provide them with continuous and transparent support.

Customer Assets

Servdebt must respect and protect all customer assets, in its role as an organisation responsible for managing them.

Relations with Regulatory Authorities

Servdebt is committed to interacting with the sector’s regulatory bodies in an open and cooperative manner.