The complexity of buying and selling distressed portfolios requires support from qualified professionals with great decision-making ability. Servdebt’s experienced management team is prepared to offer Pre-Acquisition, Acquisition and Post-Acquisition services. Servdebt provides specialised Advisory services for the acquisition of distressed portfolios to banks and other financial institutions.


  • Coordination and performance of due diligence
  • Coordination and performance of legal analysis of transaction and guarantees
  • Support with assessment model and preparation of proposal
  • Development of a business plan and recovery strategy



  • Registration of deeds
  • Support with preparation of all acquisition documents
  • Management and coordination of deeds



  • Implementation of a business plan and recovery strategy
  • Copying and filing of documents
  • Servicing – invoicing, charges, auditing, management of legal process, etc.
  • Coordination of all communication between seller and buyer after exchange of contracts

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