Our dedicated Compliance Department supervises all the Company’s activities to guarantee that they are carried out in accordance with the code of ethics of the largest and most prestigious financial institutions. The Compliance Department is responsible for creating, managing and overseeing effective control systems to ensure that Servdebt does not engage in any type of criminal activity. It also ensures that the company’s policies and procedures are understood and complied with by all stakeholders. This Department operates independently which allows for it to be impartial and objective whilst considering the complexity of the business at hand.

Servdebt’s regulatory criteria focuses on the following operating principles:

anti-money laundering

Servdebt’s conduct is guided by transparency and anti-corruption policies. These are enforced daily to avoid erroneous actions e.g. money laundering or other activities associated with the misuse of assets, such as financial terrorism.


Servdebt conducts its business with precision, honesty and dedication We are committed to comply with all rules, regulations and laws that govern our business practices and hold every member of our organization to the same ethical standards.

management and control

We acknowledge the complex nature of our business, that is why we ensure that the proper risk management and control systems are in place allowing us to conduct our day-to-day operations in a responsible and effective manner.

financial prudence

Servdebt manages its financial resources in accordance to its business operations, ensuring the independence and liquidity necessary for this to be carried out.

conflicts of interest

Servdebt will manage any possible conflicts of interest in a fair and transparent manner, regardless of the scenario and independently of who is involved – whereas being between our organization and a client or between two or more clients.

respectful and trust-based relationships

Our clients and customers are important to us. We are committed to engaging with all parties in a respectful and transparent manner and this attitude is what enables us to sustain and grow our business. We aim to go above and beyond, providing a 360º customer experience, and handling our clients’ needs with extreme care whereas we are offering them investment advice, servicing or asset management.


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