social responsibility

We have this view that the company only serves its purpose if it creates value for society. This means creating value for its shareholders, employees, customers and the community in which we operate.
- Bruno Carneiro, CEO


We believe Servdebt can and should strive to create value and have a positive impact in its close community. That's why we are permanently improving our social responsibility policy by seeking opportunities to give back, and since everyone’s involvement is crucial, social responsibility is part of the corporate culture we wish to drive and cascade down to all our employees.

Throughout the year we engage in various initiatives, and by pairing up with several charitable institutions, we are able to reach out and make a positive impact not only in some of the most vulnerable communities but also in everyone who is involved in these campaigns.


Concern about the environment is growing in today's society. At Servdebt, we believe that companies should take an active role in the development and implementation of solutions that aim to contribute to environmental sustainability, thus reducing the negative impact of their activity.

This belief guides our daily activity, and we pass it on to our employees, who are active elements in this company's commitment to efficiency whilst preserving the environment, promoting energy savings.


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