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your future starts here!

your future starts here!

Every year, Servdebt welcome young students, finalists or recent graduated, coming from different areas of knowledge, who are looking for a challenging experience to proportionate a high level of autonomy and direct participation in projects.

Our internships are developed either in partnership with Portuguese Universities, as per individual request to Servdebt for curricular, extracurricular or professional internships, or as support in the development of essays for the conclusion of the Master Degree.

Our interns are supported to grow professionally, by being integrated in real projects and portfolios. It is an opportunity to put in practice the application of academic concepts, to acquire knowledge and experiences, and to practice the development of professional interpersonal relationships in a professional and corporate context.

reverse mentoring

reverse mentoring

Because we believe there is always room to improve and develop competencies, our internships programs intend to bring an added value to the freshly out of college new talents, but also to the company and the professionals receiving them and working with them side by side.

How? By shifting roles: our young talents assume the functions of mentors, sharing new knowledge to the company, while our experts become the mentees, welcoming the new generation with an open mind, prepared to learn new perspectives, growing all together.


Pedro, Ana, Bartolomeu, Miguel and Margarida are some of the students who had participated in an internship program with us.

I was always extremely well received within all the departments and portfolios I worked with. Everybody is very welcoming and available to teach and help.
Regarding the internship program coordination and to the team, I definitively will suggest maintaining everything as it is – good ambience, rigor, and work spirit. Whoever stays in this team, will have no reason to complain.
Pedro Marques da Costa Laywer | Legal Counseling
Every day is a new challenge, and it is how it must be. Every day, the company offers the possibility to overcome goals individually and as a team. (…) I have been enjoying Sevdebt as a whole, from the involvement and dynamism of the different portfolios, to the friendliness and communication between all colleagues, to the team spirit and the contagious energy defining the company! Servdebt being an open space office demonstrates very well the mindset of the company: an open-minded company!
Ana Nobre Laywer | Executive Law and Insolvency
For me, as a finalist in Law, I recognize that the biggest challenge I face is the lack of practice when it came to apply concepts and theory learnt during my degree. Thus, the internship program has exceeded my expectations due to the daily practice and theoretical deepening of concepts I had learnt previously.
Bartolomeu Costa Cabral Laywer | Legal Counseling
One of the main assets of this experience was the opportunity to follow and observe my teammates and to collaborate with them in their daily tasks, enabling the development of my soft skills in a collaborative and relaxed work environment.
The curricular internship program at Servdebt, within the department of People, Performance and Culture was an enriching and rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to explore the area of Human Resources, with focus on Training & Development and Recruitment & Selection. I had the opportunity to know the procedures and learn the best practices of the company. Establishing a connection with my theoretical knowledge I had developed in the master’s in Management of Human Resources at ISEG/ULisboa.
Miguel Guilherme Human Resources | People, Performance & Culture
The internship at Servdebt was my first experience in a corporate environment, which is why I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Nonetheless, any expectation I might have been undoubtedly surpassed. I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome, starting from the Human Resources team, to all the teams whose day-to-day I was able to follow – throughout the company I found nothing but collaboration, willingness to work and good mood.
Margarida Morgado Laywer | Executive Law and Insolvency

and you, what are you waiting for?

your future starts here!


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