Tips for a better Clean Desk Policy practice

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Tips for a better Clean Desk Policy practice

What has to be done.

Nowadays, an important tool for workplace organizations is related to the clean desk policy, as the world gets increasingly digital, we become even more paper free.

"How can I make it work" are you asking. Let me tell you…

You should start your day by planning and selecting the documents needed for your immediate work.

Take a brief look at your desk…

… What do you really need to keep under eye, and what is unnecessary for your day? 

Are you keeping papers on your desk?

It’s quite unlikely you “really” need them, but if so, keep them out only while completing your task.

Will you need them later?

Probably not. If so, store them inside your locked drawer at the end of the day or, in case of originals, return them to the archive.

Most documents we handle bear sensitive information that must kept safe from the eyes of those not involved with the work you are doing.

And if you have a pile of paper you believe you don't need any more. What do you do with it?

Don’t simply throw them away in the bin. All unnecessary documents need to be destroyed before disposal, either manually or through the paper shredders available at the office.

If you consider flipping the page and using it as a notebook is a good idea, think twice… those documents must be destroyed. If your concern is about saving the planet, be aware of printing only what you really need, and then be environmentally friendly.

But let’s be honest, it’s not only about paper filling our workplace, isn't it?

Keys, food, gifts and other gadgets, shouldn't be at our desk. Keep only what you really need: a bottle of water, your work phone, a pen and a notebook.

These days, our desks are more and more digital, so your computer also needs some attention.

Keep your digital desktop as tidy as your desk is now, always lock your station every time you take a break. And never, but never, take note of your login details on a piece of paper or a post-it…

If you already do all of this, there’s always room for improvement. If not, follow all the advices we just gave.

More than a rule or a policy, a clean desk is a mindset. It's one of the first step to work with organization, being smart and efficient as you go about your day. Succeed here and you’ll succeed everywhere.

Cláudia Melgueira

Cláudia Melgueira

Team Leader Legal


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