Servdebt was at the 10th edition of NPL Iberian Forum

Servdebt was at the 10th edition of NPL Iberian Forum

On May 31st, the CMS Group hosted the NPL Iberian Forum 2022 at which Servdebt was present as a Gold Sponsor and as a speaker.

The event gathered 31 panellists, throughout 8 hours and 11 conferences, to discuss the main topics related to the present and future of the NPL Market in Portugal, as well as to comment on the numerous opportunities that are rising and how are they prepared to board them. Aspects such as NPL technology, management of new types of operations going on from Single names, Performing, Sub Performing to NPLs, were analyzed on how they will mark a roadmap for all the sector.

Bruno Carneiro, our Chief Executive Officer, took part in the opening debate panel which sought to address the “economic backdrop and future challenges for the NPE's sector: Portuguese debt market as an attractive investment opportunity. The big wave that is behind the moratoriums and government aid, with over 20% of total loans under moratoria, and the high pressure for banks to deleverage”.

This 10th edition attracted 229 delegates, from 84 companies, including investors, law firms, banks, advisors, fund managers and debt collection agencies in the market.


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