Servdebt present as Gold Sponsor at the 8 NPL Iberian Forum

Servdebt present as Gold Sponsor at the 8 NPL Iberian Forum

The 8th NPL Iberian Forum, hosted by CMS Group Europe, online, took place on the 14th and 15th of July and Servdebt was present as a Gold Sponsor.

In addition to sponsoring this event, Servdebt was also represented by two speakers.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Bruno Carneiro, was a speaker at the first discussion panel of the event: "What happened to the sector during the pandemic and what is the scenario for 2021-2022? Economic perspectives and future challenges for the NPEs sector".

This panel had as focus the perspectives of the experts on “(…) what the playing field will be in this still uncertain new scenario (…)”, “(…) marked by a change in the cycle for the NPL industry, a rapid digital transformation, and various regulatory changes (…)”. The questions that oriented this debate were: “What to expect in September with the end of the moratoriums?” and “Once the Layoffs end, what will be the impact in the unsecured debt?”.

Luís Chaves, our Business Development Director, was also present as a speaker, on the "Learnings from the past: The post Covid-19 crisis could double the current stock of NPLs, but perspectives of experts remain positive." discussing panel.

Based on a comparison to the 2008 crisis and its effects on the NPL market, and taking into account the fact that since then the market has matured and is much more prepared for what is to come, this debate sought to answer the following questions: “What measures are being taken? How is the banking sector preparing to lessen the impact of the possible wave of defaults?”

With more than 340 attendees and 28 speakers, this eighth edition of the NPL Iberian Forum, gathered experts of consulting institutions, servicers, funds and companies in the sector of the NPLs, with the goal to discuss numerous expectations in the Market, “in a context given by the end of moratoriums, regulatory changes, changes in the dynamics and configuration of portfolios, changes in the approach of investors and new profiles of investors entering the market”, and share “their vision of how the industry will develop and where will be the great opportunities”.

This conference was a great opportunity to discuss different perspectives on the future of the NPLs market as well as to do some networking with other professionals, investors and companies of the sector.


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