Servdebt was in Madrid for the 2nd edition of NPL Days España

Servdebt was in Madrid for the 2nd edition of NPL Days España

On June 23rd, Servdebt sponsored and spoke at the NPL Days España, organized by DD Talks.

This event’s goal was to address the large-scale NPL stocks, considering complementary internal recovery and market-based disposal solutions, as well as the most interesting investment opportunities in the Spanish market.


Bruno Carneiro, our Chief Executive Officer, participated in the Servicing Market Update panel. And throughout the different debates of this conference, the discussed topics aimed to answer and comment on the following concepts:

  • Aftermath of the Government support schemes-how is the distressed debt market now?;
  • Looking ahead towards the second quarter of 2022 and predictions for 2023;
  • Unsecured market developments;
  • Securitization transactions;
  • REOs;
  • SMEs distressed loans;
  • Regulatory changes;
  • Distressed Technology;
  • Valuation and Due Diligence;
  • Special Servicing.

As a sponsor and a speaker, it was an honour to be present at such an interesting event, full of interesting debates, stimulating discussions and great insights on the NPL Spanish Market.


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