Servdebt at NPL Days London

Servdebt at NPL Days London

The NPL Days London, organized by DD Talks, counted with Servdebt sponsorship and the expertise of our Head of Underwriting, as a Speaker.

This event took place on the 9th of March, in Biltmore Mayfair Hotel, and reunited 40+ speakers, throughout 8 sessions, where the 2023 rising risks due to economic stagnation and post pandemic measures, and the major challenges and opportunities for the debt market were the main topics in discussion.

Rafael Paim, our Head of Underwriting, was part of the panel discussion with the topic "NPLs in Portugal: Overview of the market and regulation".

This panel sought to discuss and analyse the following questions:

  • Current situation of the NPLs market: what are the volumes, and the most relevant players?
  • Political, institutional, and macroeconomic variables influencing the ability and willingness to further fix the distressed debt market.
  • The impact of real estate price changes on NPLs.
  • Investors’ appetite for the Portuguese market, and the management’s ability to use its assets effectively in order to generate higher profits.
  • Are there new regulations which may affect the sales? What impact do you envisage, and what do you think can be improved?

This 3rd edition of the NPL Days London was an opportunity to bring together leading Investors, Funds, Bankers, Servicers, Originators, Practitioners in NPL Securitisations, Distressed Asset Management and Credit Servicing Technologies in this exceptional conference that is recognized throughout the NPLS industry for the quality of its content and the calibre of its delegates.


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